Children’s Message

Volunteer to Be a Leader of the Children’s Message

Job Description: Serve as leader of the Children’s Message during either worship service. Responsibilities include providing a simple lesson based on the scripture/sermon for children during the middle of worship in front of the congregation. Engage the children in dialogue and end with a simple prayer.
Time Commitment: Sundays at either 8:30 or 11:00 a.m. worship. Lesson preparation. Attend a training session.
Contact:  Marcy Puckett for the Crossroads Service and Jonathan Roland, Sheri McInturff, Elisa Archer for the Traditional Service.

Goals for the Children’s Message:

–provide a simplified version of the upcoming scripture/sermon for children ages 3 through 4th grade.

–engage the children in thought and question-answer dialogue in front of the congregation.

–pray a simple prayer that the children can repeat.



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